All About Vega, Europe’s Light Launcher

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Vega is a rocket which is looked after by Arianespace. The primary role of this rocket is to send small size payloads or even spacecraft to the lower earth orbits. Two major space agencies, The European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency, along with the help of other agencies had started launching with the support of Vega since the year of 2012. The name of the rocket has been given after the brightest star in the constellation which is known as Lyra.

Till May 2018, Vega has launched 11 times, and all of them have been entirely successful. Some of the memorable launches made by this rocket include IXV European space plane and also the LISA Pathfinder mission. It was this mission that was set out to examine gravitational waves in the space. 

The European Space Agency has made a plan to prepare a successor of Vega which is to be named as Vega C where C stands for Constellation. This new version of Vega is expected to send 2300 kilograms up to the low earth orbit which

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