Europe’s Light Launcher: Vega. 


Vega is a rocket that is operated by the Arianespace to send sizeable spacecraft or payloads to low Earth Orbits. It was created by European Space Agency together with Italian Space Agency. There was also help from other smaller entities. It has been propelling since the year 2012. Vega has gotten its name from the brightest star in Lyra. By the end of May 2018, Vega had 11 propels. It is of importance to note that all the launches were very successful. Among the most notable launches, they include IXV European spaceplane. Also the LISA Pathfinder mission that got tested out a tech to find earth waves in the space. The European Agency has plans of a successor to Vega. The successor will be named as Vega C(Consolidation). It will be able to send up to 2,300 kilograms to the low Earth orbit. This is sixty percent more than Vega sends. Its debut flight is in the year 2019.