Blockchain Disruption In Advertising And Marketing Sector

When most people think of blockchain, what comes to mind first is finance, digital ledgers, and cryptocurrency. That makes sense because, after all, blockchain is technology that supports Bitcoin, a digital currency that is trying to disrupt the finance sector.

However, what people sometimes fail to realize is that this technology has the power to disrupt and change other areas or industries too. One of them is the marketing and advertising industry.

While focusing on advertisement alone, blockchain can help in changing the way online ads are bought and valued. It could assist in tracking the accurate data of viewers and clickers, which will in return lead to increased yields. Here is a glance at two ways in which the blockchain disruption will change the advertisement and marketing sectors.

Building Trust With Ad Buyers

One thing about online advertisement is that it is not easy to determine the accurate data or the exact returns based on ad viewers. Marketers work by calculating the number of clicks and followers, and this can be deceiving at times. You cannot be sure if what you counted were real people or bots hired as clickers.

The guys at believe that the blockchain is about to disrupt that and change it for the better, as the chain enhances transparency. It is encrypted to allow brands to know if the viewers or the ad clickers are their targeted audience. This should help them in saving funds.

Speeding Up Transactions

The primary goal of blockchain advertisement is to enhance transparency, accuracy, and speed up operations. Just like it does for the digital currency, the technology can be used to deliver digital transactions, like ad buying transaction in real time.

Bottom Line

While Bitcoin popularized blockchain, its benefits are extending beyond the digital currency. It may take time before blockchain is fully implemented across the marketing and advertising industry, but there is no doubt that blockchain disruption will alter the marketing business over the coming years.

There is no limit to how this technology can offer brands better ways to market and advertise their products. The key to success with blockchain disruption is getting the best way to apply it.infographic/”>