NASA astronaut reveals the tough part of space travel


NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson says that it is not all glamorous during the space travel. It looks quite astonishing when you witness the large rockets landing on the earth’ surface on a frequent basis or the Elon Musk’s SpaceX Lifting off Falcon 9 and other latest versions into space, and it feels fascinating. People would have a vision that modern spaceflight and space travel is very eye-catching and glamorous. However, the real picture is a bit different. According to Whitson, she had to pack poo with her hands regularly.

In fact, the toilet of the International Space Station is very peculiar. It appears like a wet vac which is forced into a fridge. She said that there is a toile on the American side of the ISS which was installed in the year of 2008. A curtain was sometimes placed later. However, it flooded most of the time. There is a  second toilet which is situated on the Russian