Sleeping in zero gravity


Sleep is the natural stress buster God has gifted us with. After a long tiring day, nothing is better than resting in your bed with your favorite nap partner. But have you ever wondered how the astronauts sleep? They can’t have foundations like ours in the space, then how do they manage to sleep floating in bed? Let us discuss how they kiss the night off in space.

In the absence of gravitational force, there is no bed either up or down. Astronaut’s life is not comfortable, however adventurous it sounds, it comes with disadvantages of its own. Now with increased space activity, and heightened duration of stay, researchers have shifted their focus on providing a good night’s sleep to them and help them cope up with the sleep disorders while inside the spacecraft.   

International Space Station has been refurbished with sleeping bags to help the astronauts get proper sleep. Astronauts have to experience  16 sunrises and sunsets in