TS2 satellite internet services in Iraq and Afghanistan

TS2 Space refers to a company which is engaged in the supply of telecommunication services with the help of satellite constellations which involve Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat, Eutelsat, and Intelsat.     TS2 is responsible for using communication satellites to transmit data as well as voice. The company is engaged in ensuring the way for any person to call from any part of the world in association with the appropriate data encryption. This also paves the road or the global access to the internet along with a wide range of services spanning from sending to receiving a massive quantum of data.

The present client base of TS2 Space involves international clients, government clients as well other commercial companies who are in search of reliable communication transmission systems. Some of the well-known clients are US Department of State, US Department of Defense, International Trade Canada, Department of Foreign Affairs and so on. This exhaustive client base list is a proof of the popularity of this company and how different organizations rely on TS2 Space for safe and reliable communication channels.

The satellite communication services offered by TS2 are being mainly utilized in critical situations where normal mode of communications becomes ineffective. This situation occurs mostly when there is a shortage of proper infrastructure facility which supports such standard method of communications. Such satellite communication system is mainly required for the military officials while they are in any warfighting situations or they are involved in peacekeeping missions. In these situations, communication in the form of encrypted data becomes the need of the hour. It is also essential that such data transmission is not channelized through a local telecommunication system.

TS2 communication services are very much popular among the military officials in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. In this region, reliable and independent satellite communication infrastructure helps to provide the military officials high security and safety of data transmissions, which is very much essential for exchanging confidential data. Apart from this, the enforcement of the satellite communication system has further enhanced the security level to execute military operations.

Not only military operations require the help of satellite communication systems, but other emergency services also resort to such communication infrastructure. Situations of natural disaster mainly demand such communication infrastructure.

This company also provides services pertaining to satellite phone rentals mainly for tourist enthusiastic. In case of wildlife visits where there is no separate communication facility, this satellite communication system proves to be very useful and productive.