The Changing Antarctica Finally Revealed After Decades Of Satellite Monitoring


Scientists have been closely monitoring the changing Antarctica through the satellite imaging for several decades. The glaciers, sea ice, and the ice shelves are undergoing massive changes with every passing year due to various factors. The scientists have finally revealed the reasons behind the thinning and melting of the enormous chunk of ice in this beautiful white continent. The changing Antarctica has been the hot topic of global discussion for years now as it is heavily contributing to global warming and the rise in sea level. Previously there used to be ship-based observation, but Antarctica is too big to monitor from the land. Unless the overall picture is available, it is difficult to put all the dots in their right places to come to a conclusion. 

The Trends Of The Changing White Continent –

In the west of Antarctica, the ice shelves are melting due to the warm ocean water. Those that are situated on the Amundsen and Bellingshausen have thinned by nearly 18% since the early 1900s. In the Antarctic Peninsula, the ice shelves are collapsing due to

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