NASA’s Knowledge Of Space Rocks Is Flawed And Unreliable


Thousands of space rocks of varying size pass by the Earth every year. NASA constantly scans the outer space around the Earth to maintain a database of asteroids that are heading towards our planet. This helps them to determine which asteroids are likely to be on a collision course with our planet. They then focus on those asteroids to get more information about them so that a deflecting can be designed. Getting these detailed data is also important to understand the impact that can be created by the asteroids if the collision takes place after failing all deflection attempts. A space rock of the size of a small house can cause an explosion like an atom bomb. 

What Is Wrong With NASA’s Asteroid Observation – 

Dr. Nathan P.Myhrvold, the former chief technologist at Microsoft, claimed a few years ago that NASA’s observation procedure and data collection are completely flawed and extremely unreliable. NASA dismissed such a claim and even mocked at the criticism. But his arguments are now published in Icarus which is one of most prestigious journals on

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