SpaceX’s plan to take a missile to Mars

SpaceX has finally taken its ground on spacecraft exploration and space flights related investment. They are always coming up with fresh ideas of the next big thing to do in expounding their research and bringing a difference to the world of rockets and satellite inventions.

They have managed to do great in the past and are now planning to dig deeper and get to where many have not been able to reach. Recently, they revealed that there are some plans in place to take a rocket to Mars or Shanghai in less than a decade from now. This message was released by Gwynne Shotwell who is the president of SpaceX.

Last Elon Must who is the Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX attracted a lot of attention for a video that was released indicating their plan of launching a rocket that is specifically designed for outer space. The rocket will enable them to travel city-to-city on Earth.

Gwynne Shotwell who is the Chief Operating Officer and the president of SpaceX reiterated the company’s plan in a report she released in Vancouver at the TED Conference. She pledged that the technology will kick off and start to operate within a decade.

Gwynne Shotwell promised that this is a fact and it going to take place without any doubts. She gave this assurance as she was being interviewed on stage by Chris Anderson who is one of TED’s officials. According to Gwynne, SpaceX is also planning to have flown to Mars by then.

She admitted that a lot can and will probably have changed in a decade but nothing will be able to kill their dream as a company and a team. The idea they have in minds is that of making a very large rocket that will be able to carry about 100 people. The rocket in question is meant to fly like an aircraft but travel at a faster speed while doing point-point or city-to-city travel on Earth.

The proposed rocket by SpaceX will be able to travel halfway across the Earth in about 30-40 minutes. The rocket will then be able to land on a pad that will be 5 to 10 km outside a city center. This is the message that was released by SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell. This will be the highest achievement in this industry and will be the pride of SpaceX and its team.