Russia Launches Communication Satellite

Amidst the prominent satellite launches’ this week, Russia also launched a communication satellite. The launch vehicle was a Breeze M upper stage and a Proton rocket. This rocket is powered by four engines. The military satellite was launched at 22:12 GMT in Kazakhstan.

The satellite took 9 hours and 2 minutes to land in the geostationary orbit. The spacecraft name, Blagovest No. 12L is the second Blagovest spacecraft ordered by the Defense Ministry. The first one, Blagovest No. 11L was launched in August last year.

Blagovest means ‘Good news’ in Russia.

The satellite is to be placed in an orbit 36,000 km above the equator. The launch which was described as successful is expected to boost internet speed, improve data communication, and provide high-quality television broadcasting and well as radio broadcasting. It is also expected to improve video conferencing and telephony services.

The defense ministry in Russia stated that the satellite since it arrived in its orbit is operating as expected.

The Blagovest project was an idea developed by the former defense minister, Anatoly Serduykov. He held the position from 2007 to 2012, and after Serduykov’s tenure of office ended, the project was continued and the Blagovest No. 11L was finally launched on August 17, 2017.

Its launch vehicle was also Proton-M, and the launch was considered a success. The Blagovest built by ISS Reshetnev and the company is confident that the Blagovest series would always facilitate successful launches.

The launch of Blagovest No. 12L is the first Proton launch of 2018. It is, however, the 417th proton launch since the first satellite was launched by a Proton booster in 1965. It is expected that other proton flights will be launched before the year ends.

Russia on civilian missions, Russia is furthering its mission on Mars. The mission named ExoMars is in collaboration with the European Space Agency. The first launch was in 2016 and the next launch was scheduled for 2018, however, that seems impossible with the current preparations.

The launch is expected to happen by 2020. Russia is not only interested in exploring Mas through their series of missions. The country is also making plans for a series of moon missions. According to Russian media, that is not happening anytime soon due to financial constraints but they are hopeful that the first launch will take off by 2025.

The moon missions have been collectively named Luna-Glob.


Russian Military Satellite Blagovest No. 12L: Now in Orbit!