Innovation fights back against Maritime Piracy

A British company’s novel technology that can quickly stop a boat without harming the vessel or its passengers is set to turn the tide on maritime piracy, narco/human trafficking and terrorism.

Monday, 26th February 2018 – UK-based maritime security and safety specialists, BCB International Ltd, have developed a new range of boat stopping systems which use compressed air to project floating entanglement lines and other vessel disabling projectiles.

BCB International manufacture three different air-pressurised, non-lethal boat stopping systems. These are the Barracuda, a hand-held device capable of launching a 36 m arrestor line and two 3 ft sea anchors; the larger Buccaneer, which is installed on vessels and has a range of up to 200 metres, and the Sea Stinger, the largest system, which is designed to be installed in a marine installation like an oil rig or a port and can deploy entangling netting out to a range of 600 m.

BCB’s boat stopping systems were inspired by the police road stingers used to stop speeding and runaway cars.  Some of the boat stopping systems have been purchased by various maritime law enforcement agencies.

BCB International’s spokesperson, Philippe Minchin, said:  “Our versatile boat stopping systems will stop large and small vessels.  They are non-lethal, safe and can be deployed quickly.  They are used by merchant ships, coastguards and maritime law enforcement agencies to bring a suspicious approaching vessel to a quick halt; thereby preventing the unnecessary loss of life associated with the use of firearms”.