Lee Hnetinka from Silicon Valley’s Darkstore Proposes to Stefania Romeo

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and 3PL co-founder Lee Hnetinka has proposed to Stefania Romeo in New York this winter. With dark clouds looming at the top of a New York skyrise, the sun was reflecting much of its bright rays making the atmosphere appear as romantic as a Thomas Moran masterpiece. But this is something memorable for co-founder and owner of startup company Darkstore. Lee Hnetinka, the same entrepreneur who gave us WunWun was about to propose to his girlfriend Stefania Romeo.

The remarkable moment was shared with this news agency privately and the video shows the couple walking hand in hand walking past a door on top of a New York building. Dressed in a deep purple tank top and dark olive green mini skirt holding her sheepskin fleece jacket, the unsuspecting fiancée was in for a surprise.

As they reach the end of the lounge with a table that was laden with roses which spelled, “Marry Me”, Lee went down on his knees to make his proposal. Stefania was more than ecstatic about Lee’s move as her unbelieving and surprised gestures showed in the video.

Lee Hnetinka is the same entrepreneur and co-founder of Wunwun, a startup delivery company catering to e-commerce businesses and brands. He started his initial venture in San Francisco, California last 2016, making on-demand product delivery for e-commerce businesses fast and convenient.

Darkstore is a new business venture for Lee. It is an app-driven shipper for local businesses fulfilling same-day deliveries for known e-commerce brands and local proprietors who would like to immediately ship their goods to their clients. This is a great initiative for a starting company who would like to lessen the burdens from other businesses by trimming down the high volume of shipment they need to discharge.

The startup currently provides services in San Francisco, New York, and Phoenix but plans to expand in other areas including Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago in the near future to reach a wider audience.

Lee has been in a long-term relationship with Stefania and the two have been able to travel in some parts of the world. The entrepreneur’s decision to settle down does not come in as a surprise as his parents were involved in the marriage proposal he just did.

The couple had a wonderful experience during that day taking mementos with their family members. The bride-to-be also showed us her wedding ring with a diamond crown studded with 15 Old European Cut Diamonds set on a gold band.