Untold Story of 13 female pilots

The moment Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he was pretty happy with himself and he declared that he had taken one small but strong step towards the betterment of the man and had taken one huge step for the betterment of the mankind. But the story could have been very different if this small step was taken by a woman. How much impact would it have made in everybody’s life? Well, that is a million dollar question. This situation happened at a time when America was waking up for the women rights. This is the theme of Netflix latest documentary which focuses on the story of 13 female pilots whom NASA refused from entering the Space Training Program.

In the documentary, it has been shown how the women went through the same physiological and psychological tests which were being actually being conducted on the first male astronaut of NASA. This was during that tenure of 1960 during which there was a tremendous competition between the US and Russia. In some cases it was depicted how well the women executed their work even better than their male counterparts. However, the testing procedures which the women underwent was done with the help of a private funding and there was no approval from NASA for the same.

Their journey of fulfilling their dreams was going on smoothly until NASA put a stop to their subsequent training procedures. Such women as a part of their further testing were about to fly jet planes. This obstacle from NASA shattered the dreams of the women. It was more than two decades when finally any American woman finally went to space.

Since the release of the film named Hidden Figures in 2016, which depicted the story of three black women struggling for their acceptance in NASA, this documentary has gone a step further to highlight how initially NASA deprived many talented women of showcasing their talent for space exploration.

The directors and the co-director of this documentary rightfully said that there were many films which had depicted the talents of men. But this documentary has truly brought forth the hidden talent of women as well. So this documentary film has been a very strong story in terms of the capabilities of the women as far as space exploration was concerned. The director has rightfully said that they were all very proud to reveal this true spirit of women and they also played their part in space exploration.


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