Bad bacteria rise with heavy drinking

News about the alcohol consumption always becomes viral. While sometimes it’s all good, hearing which the alcohol addicts become happy, sometimes it’s all about how fatal it could be. If you are one of those who loves to drink regularly, a new study suggests that it could enhance the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth. It is particularly for those who drink more than the recommended dose on a daily basis.

A comparative study was conducted between the nondrinkers and those who used to drink daily. The results came out to be very contrasting. While on the one hand the nondrinkers only comprised good bacteria in their mouth, the ones who drink heavily had a large number of bad bacteria which leads to diseases related to gums, heart, and cancer.

Factors which effects the human microbiome was the primary objective of the research. It’s a well-known fact that millions of microbes dwell in the human body naturally. They are essential for the sustenance and normal processing of different parts of the body. But when the bad bacteria or microbes invade the human body, the chances of getting fatal diseases arise. Therefore the study was conducted to know the risk associated with heavy drinking to the health and fitness.

It is already known that more is the diversity of microbiome, the more are the chances of better health and vigor. A perfect combination of bad and good microbes is vital for the fitness. But once this balance gets disrupted, it might lead to many diseases and ailments. Therefore, it becomes highly essential to keep a hold on the combination.

The study was mainly highlighted on the microbiome of the mouth and what are the reasons that enhance the chances of cavities and gum disorders. The diseases related to mouth and gums lead to cancer of the head, neck and digestive track. Therefore keeping track of microbes and bacteria flourishing in the mouth are highly essential.

The lifestyle factors that could damage the healthy microbiome of the mouth were studied in which heavy drinkers were seen to be at a higher risk. Too much drinking destroys the healthy microfauna, and this ultimately increases the chances of getting oral cancer.

Therefore, the research suggested to drink occasionally and if drinking regularly is in the habit then Booz within the recommended range to remain fit and free form the possibilities of getting dreadful diseases.