How to Start Building Your Practice’s Brand


The life of a modern human is inextricably linked to the Internet. People are ready to entrust the “world wide web” even the most expensive they have got – their health: they search the network for information about the symptoms of illnesses, methods of treatment, sometimes they just need an alternative opinion of another specialist after a full-time doctor’s consultation.

If you are a practicing physician, the Internet offers you an excellent possibility to communicate with patients and promote their knowledge and services. Definitely, it is important that more patients learn about you as a professional. Create your own unique brand and promote private medical practice management. This will help you to find new grateful patients in the network, establish long-term relationships with them, and turn your personal page into a development tool for private practice. In this article, we will talk about a strong brand, who needs it, what for and how to create it.

What is it?

A personal brand is your dynamic image in the minds of mankind. This is the way you are seen and perceived. Moreover, this phenomenon may bring you benefits. This is your own label, which generates additional value and creates benefits for you. Characteristic features of a strong personal brand: integrity, naturalness, distinctiveness, significance, and consistency.

Who needs it and what for?

Personal branding is focused, first of all, on creative people who organize a commercial activity or who need a bright self-presentation, the main feature is the creation of additional career motivation. Also, it is perfect for everyone who conducts business “from the first person,” which can be attributed to private practitioners in the area of healthcare careers.

If the doctor wants to form a steady image of an expert and be in everyone’s ears, then it is necessary to develop in the media space. Creating his image, the medician simultaneously increases his professional assessment. For most patients, it is obvious that the more known a doctor is, the better. Demand will always be high on the specialist and the clinic in which he works.

From the point of view of medical practice, the person-brand imposes certain obligations on himself. Being a recognized expert means not only the ability to heal, but also share your knowledge with colleagues, presenting your ideas  in professional meetings. It is necessary to be prepared for the continuous development of your professional and communication skills. It’s like when you find custom dissertation writing service,you expect their work to be done in the best way.

How to create the personal brand?

Before you start creating your image, you have to find out who exactly is interested in your information. The patients who come to the reception will help you to recognize the audience, which is interested in your services. As a result, you will be prepared to create an image of your future brand.

First of all, manage to decide what kind of imagesuits you. Write down the main features of the image: appearance (hairstyle, figure), behavior (gestures, facial expressions), world outlook (against bribes, special attitude to children)… Then check the patients’ opinion. How they want their medician to look like. Correct your personal views.


The second step is to make up the image or to “pack the brand.” At this stage, your appearance on the photo or video is necessary. Spend several photo sessions and prepare photos that best reflect the image. These photos you will send to the media.

You have to be interested in your user, so a huge attention should be paid to the content campaign. This term means information that needs to be conveyed to the mass consciousness. Knowing your audience and their interests, you can develop content that will be interesting to them. Informing this information is necessary through various communication channels. As the most frequently published information are used: expert articles, personal research, interview, observation. By the way, do not forget to monitor commentsand respond to them. It is desirable to dilute professional information with personal life and abstract themes (for example, humor, etc.). The more famous the person becomes, the more information about him wants to know the most devoted supporters. Such information makes the expert more humane.

Hope, all these tips would be useful in building your special practice’s brand.

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