Wallpics – the best birthday gift!

Jane has been one of my best friends since our first year at the university, and we have shared with hersome unforgettable moments over the years. Apart from being my friend, she was also my classmate that means that we spent a lot of time together, and at some point it made my university girlfriend very jealous!

Jane was and is still a party soul, and her adventurous nature is something that made her an interesting and pleasant companion. Throughout our four years at the university, we took hundreds of photos of us together and groups photos with our classmates and friends. In fact, Jane is a photo addict and insists that all the moments in her life should be captured, that’s why she is always busy taking “selfies” at events. 

During our days at the university, Jane had a digital camera that she always carried in her handbag, so that she could not miss any opportunity to capture an interesting moment. The fact I was always in her company meant that I was the one taking most of photos. Consequently, I have hundred of her photos in my phone until now. It has been 3 years since we graduated but most of the memories I managed to capture are still on my phone!

After graduating from university, we rarely meet due to our busy lifestyle. In fact, we only meet during special events like birthday parties. January 15, 2018 was her birthday, and I could not afford to miss it as it could be a crime deserving a death penalty! In fact, she had missed her work to attend my last birthday, and there was no way I could miss her birthday (you know ladies with birthdays and gifts!)

My list included gifts like chocolate, jewelry, and flowers, but these were things she had received many times. Jane likes things out of the ordinarybutthese gifts appeared too ordinary!

I began thinking about the gift I would give her on her birthday two weeks before the material day with hundreds of ideas rushing through my mind. In fact, I came up with a list but none of the items theredid not make a sense. Looking for away to impress a lady is like doing a psychiatric exam!

Eight days to the Jane’s birthday, my workmate introduced me the latest app in the market known as the Wallpics app and told me that it is possible to display my memorable moments on my wall using this application. According to my workmate, I just needed to download the app on the phone, upload memorable photos there, and leave the rest to theWallpics. Moreover, he assured me that users receive their Wallpics within six days. In order to get more information about the app, I visited https://www.wallpics.com/.

This was just a perfect revelation for me and I felt like Sir Isaac Newton after discovering the law of gravity. I also remembered that Jane is an emotional and sentimental person,and anything that would trigger her emotions would be a perfect gift for her. In this case, I began to choose memorable photos that should be Wallpics. That was the idea on my mind, and I quickly went into action as time was running out. 

To begin with, I went through my phone album looking for the photos we had taken with Jane during our university years and selected ten of the best ones for my collection. Secondly, I placed my order by uploading the photos on the Wallpics app and inserted all billing and shipping information. After approving the order, I began my countdown to delivery. 

I had been assured that Wallpics would be delivered within six days and true to their word, I received my Wallpics on the fifth day after placing the order. I was not charged any shipping fees and I was good to go. I have never seen Jane happy in her life,as when he saw Wallpics. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she gave me a big, warm, and extended hug!

P.S. Later she told me that she had stuck Wallpics in her room, and now constantly recalls the best years of her life.