Think twice before launching a satellite without the government’s permission!


Do you have any idea what will happen if you launch a satellite into space without the knowledge of the government, but with government funding? Let’s find out!

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is in charge of regulating satellite activities by the U.S companies and citizens. There has been an inquiry on the launch of four satellites by a company called Swarm Technologies, and the case has been handed over to enforcement bureau.

The FCC does not put their hand in enforcement actions but can impose penalties and ban individuals or companies from working on satellites. Sara Spangelo, Swarm’s CEO and the co-founder Benjamin Longmier are waiting for the government to make a judgment, even as the satellites they built are orbiting the Earth. Their project received a minimum of a million grants, and other fundings for the launch.

There was a contract between the Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley of NASA and Swarm, a tie that was described