Relay satellite launched by China


Picture provided by Innovative Solutions In Space

Taking a step ahead for the mission to moon’s far side China has launched a relay satellite. This is one major accomplishment of China’s space agency as moon’s far side is one of the areas of experiment and research since a long time. This spacecraft will help to pave the way for this historic mission and will provide a lot of details about the related aspects. The relay satellite- Queqiao relay satellite lifted off atop a Long March 4C rocket and was launched on 20th May from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province at 5:28 PM. 

Queqiao is now moving towards the Earth-moon Lagrange point-2. This point is a gravitational stable spot and is around 40,000 miles beyond the lunar far side. The satellite is programmed in such a way that it would set up shop there and wait for China’s robotic Change 4 lander-rover spacecraft. This establishment and making of this spacecraft