The New Spacecraft to Undergo 4 Critical Tests that will clean up Space Debris


A new spacecraft might soon be able to collect all the space garbage with the use of harpoons and nets. Space garbage has become a cause of worry for various reasons. It does not only pose a threat to the satellites, obliterates a satellite, damaged the others, but it also occasionally force the team on board the ISS (International Space Station) to make shifty moves. There is massive part of space debris, which is more prominent as compared to marble and other garbage has also gathered in the space due to the rocket supporters and old satellites.

To protect the future from any calamity, many specialists and scientists from NASA and other European space agency have proposed the plan of expelling 5-10 large bits of space debris every year. Now for the new mission, called RemoveDebris, they have propelled one cubic-meter shuttle this April to the space station. To clear the space from the debris including flotsam and jetsam,