Mysterious Cosmic Glow Originating From Certain Regions Of Our Galaxy


The scientists have been observing that a few specific regions of the Milky Way Galaxy have been showing a mysterious glow in comparison to the rest of the part. They have been researching to dig up the mystery. The first part of the mystery was solved when they discovered that certain extremely small and high-speed spinning particles are responsible for this shiny nature of the regions. But there was more unveiling to be done as they were not sure what type of particle could throw off the faint light in terms of anomalous microwave emission. Many optimistic people tried to link it with the presence of light in the other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

The Small Spinning Particles Unveiled – 

A new study was conducted using the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia and the Australian Telescope Compact Array. The research was focused on the newborn star systems in the search for that anonymous microwave emission across